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Welcome to Carrie's Threads!   With Carrie's Creation Threads,
you will find that the colors are rich, vibrant and true. Being an avid cross
stitcher, no threads will be sold  that I wouldn't personally use.

All threads are 100% cotton DMC,  and are soon to be available in either the
6 stranded, divisible thread, the premium weight floss known as Floche, or
SILK!! All are suitable for cross stitching, needlepoint, or any form of hand
embroidery. All threads are hand dyed by me, personally in a smoke free
environment. Threads are rinsed and heat set, but are not to be considered
colorfast. If you plan to wash your finished piece,  rinsing the threads first,
especially the strong or dark colors, is recommended.

Regular cotton, 6 stranded floss come in 8 yard skeins and are available for
$1.00 each

Floche/premium thickness threads will come in 40 yard skeins for $1.75 each.
Premium thread is an extra thick thread made by DMC that is suitable for
stitching one strand over 2 on 28 or 32 count fabby. 40 yards to a skein/card.

Silk floss comes in 8 yard skeins, 6 stranded, and cost $2.00 each skein.

Silk has emerged, no pun intended. The only color in which it is
not available
is Dusty Violet. There are 2 colors that are
only available in silk: Mostly
Deadly Nightshade and Deadly Nightshade. C'est la vie.

New! You may use your credit card, even if you do not have a paypal
account! Simply type in your card number when asked for your paypal
account, fill out the shipping information, and finish your order. No personal
info is sent to me, or stored in any way, other than your shipping info.

We now have many shops that stock Carrie's Threads, from the entire line, to
select colors, so please check out our Designer and Shops page for more

Mail in payments are accepted, just print out our
order form, fill it out and
send in with your payment.

Payments accepted are: cash, mailed at your own risk, check, cashiers check/
money orders and paypal. Credit cards are accepted through paypal only at
this time. International orders are welcomed, but payment must be made by
paypal, money orders drawn in US funds or cash.

Shipping dates are currently scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays, and  
orders are usually shipped out  7-10 days after payment is received.

Special orders are always welcomed.  

Please browse around, see what's new and feel free to
contact me with any

Check back often as this website is a work in progress and I hope to be
adding more and more new items, freebie patterns and pictures of projects
completed using my threads as often as possible.

Special pricing is available for shop owners who are interested in carrying my
threads. Please
email me for the details.

Designers are welcome to email me for special offers.

Happy Stitching!

Older News:

Renegade is here!

Look under the "new" tab above for
Renegade (new color for Ink Circles
new design, Cirque des Coeurs!

LE Silks are loaded and ready to
go! Just click on the "Sale" tab in
the above tabs to view all the
available colors.
If you want to be part of my infrequent
newsletters, just shoot an email to
me with
newsletter in the subject line.

No info is shared, but hopefully I can keep
better control and keep it up to date manually.

Carrie's Creation Threads